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On-Page Optimization Methods Still Valid in 2013 SEO
Poster By : Suresh On : Feb 15 2013 2:10:28  Views : 4695
Posted In : SEO News

SEO can equally divide into on-page and off-page optimization techniques. On-page optimization is troubled with everyone that can be done to boost your ranking in the search engine results pages (SERPs) on the website itself.

Off-page optimization deals with aspects that take place elsewhere such as the quality and consequence of your back-links. An effective SEO campaign will usually take both into account, but the main importance of complete on-page optimization cannot be overstated.


‘Keyword is always king’ It is a mantra of most SEO campaigns. Choosing the right keyword is still critical.

The recent Penguin update to Google’s search engine algorithm deal with keyword stuffing amongst other issues.

After years of discuss concerning the best possible keyword density (if you were paying attention you might have noticed people throwing really precise figures such as 3.5 percent or 4.2 percent), Google’s Head of Webspam Matt Cutts claimed that it didn’t matter half as much as many people think.

The key with keywords in content, it seems, is to choose them wisely and use them as in nature as possible. There are, however, a few places where you should make sure you’re most important keywords appear. Keywords should usually be placed near the top of the page and at the beginning of paragraphs.


While search engines analyze your site, they pay particular attention to what lies between the HTML heading tags, especially <H1>, <H2>, and <H3>. In other words, titles and subtitles are most important positions for keywords.

Don’t just use the heading tags on your first or main page in your website. For every page on your website you must have a <h1> or <h2>or <h3> that has that page’s main keyword within it.


The URL of the webpage can be one of the most important one of the on-page optimization. Changing URLs can be tricky so it’s important to get this right from the start.

This can helps to catch a human eye even if you are not at the top of the SERPs for that particular search terms.

Better to avoid overly dynamic URLs as these can be off-putting in the search results. All of your URLs should be set up in a logical way that gives a plan to what the user can expect from the content of the page.

Meta Tags

Meta tags are used to teach search engines on how a particular webpage should be indexed.

Optimizing your title tag and the description Meta tag can be useful in given that additional information to the search engines but using the keyword meta tag can do more harm than excellent. 

Increasing your chances of a high SERPS ranking and the extra traffic this can produce can only be a good thing. On-page optimization is one of the best important tools in achieving this and can be well worth the time and effort.

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On-Page Optimization Methods Still Valid in 2013 SEO
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On-Page Optimization Methods Still Valid in 2013 SEO  Views : 4695
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